BFF Day banner
Claire’s is all about fun, fashion, and friendship – so it’s no surprise that some of their bestselling accessories come in shareable pairs. When our team discovered that National Best Friends Day is an actual holiday, we saw a great opportunity to get Claire’s fans to celebrate their BFFs and promote the friendship jewelry category across all social channels. In the week leading up to National Best Friends Day, we created content that encouraged girls to show their besties some love with e-cards, a digital friendship bracelet, and a special sale. Our client loved that we went above and beyond a simple social post and created something special in a short amount of time.


BFF Day email

A week before the big day, we sent out an email highlighting some of the mega-cute accessories in Claire’s BFF collection.


BFF Day Facebook yearbook

The BFF yearbook was posted on Facebook. Girls tagged their friends and shared stories about their besties.


BFF Day e-cards

The e-cards we created for Facebook were a huge hit – they were shared like crazy!