Cat Chow was in desperate need of a new site. Their old site’s confusing nav and inability to scale for mobile detracted from one of their best resources – a selection of videos and articles about cat behavior called Catipedia. Our team had three main objectives: Refresh the dated design; elevate the Catipedia content; and make sure looked great on any device.


Cat Chow home page


The home page simplified the nav into three sections – Cat Food, Catipedia, and Community. A large hero section gave the brand flexibility to showcase new products or updates from Cat Chow’s animal shelter outreach program. Below the hero, Catipedia was given its own carousel. Articles were redesigned to lead with a key image and icon indicating what the article was about (health, behavior, nutrition, basics.) A roundup of different Cat Chow formulas and quick links to FAQs and contact information capped off the page.


Catipedia article pages


Catipedia was redesigned to be more visual and make the content easier to search. Articles were tagged with an icon and advanced search filters made it easy for cat lovers to find exactly what they were looking for. Within article pages, larger photos and relevant related content was added for a deeper, more informative experience.

Cat Chow responsive site

Designing the site responsively solved Cat Chow’s major problem of the site not scaling for mobile devices.