Our team was responsible for all of Sony Playstation’s CRM. We worked on weekly account emails and Playstation Store updates, but the best assignments were game launch emails. These emails had to look tight to encourage gamers to pre-order or run to the nearest store and snag a copy of their own. Our team had the freedom to be more conceptual and break out of a template in order to show off each game’s graphics, mechanics, and story.


Mass Effect email

Mass Effect wallpapers

Mass Effect 3 was the last game in a beloved sci-fi trilogy. The launch email is designed to look like a recruitment poster for the space marines, with main character Commander Shepard acting as Uncle Sam. Gamers who preordered gained access to bonus content in the game (a rifle upgrade) and in real life (awesome HD wallpapers for their computer).


SSX email


SSX is a snowboarding game known for its gravity defying stunts. Gamers start each course by launching themselves out of a helicopter, which we played up by having a long scroll that revealed characters and hype from gaming publications.


Twisted Metal email


The Twisted Metal games are about insane death races in souped up vehicles, led by killer clown Sweet Tooth. Keeping with the franchise’s dark sense of humor and Valentine’s Day release date, Playstation teamed up with 1-800-Flowers to offer a special preorder promotion. Gamers who preordered got a discount on flowers to send to their girlfriends, who they’d likely be neglecting on Valentine’s Day (clown car carnage takes priority, of course).